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Summer 2 2022

As we rapidly approach the end of the school year, it is only natural to reflect on the children’s time at St George’s. With so much disruption to their education over the past few years, Sycamore class have come back this year and have made a sterling effort. From those early morning maths boosters, on a Tuesday morning, to their resilience in answering questions in reading. The amount of work that they have put in this year can bring a sense of pride and we truly believe that the children are prepared and ready to move onto the next stage of their learning at Secondary school.

As the children look forward to their last service at St George’s church, they can be reminded of the wonderful residential at the Brenscombe Outdoor Centre. Being the first Year 6 to complete a residential in three years, the children were brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed the activities on offer. It has also been enjoyable to listen to the children’s excitement after visiting their new schools telling us all about the facilities and opportunities that they will have when they transition to Year 7. Now that their primary journey is nearly at an end, we would just like to say a big ‘Thank you!’ for all of your parental support over the years, it is very much appreciated and as a final thought, we would like the children to know that there is always a place here, at St George’s, for the children to come back to and reflect. Tom’s Garden is a very special place and your children are welcome to come into the garden, reflect and say a few prayers as we know that this will be important to them moving forwards. Have a wonderful, well-deserved holiday everyone and we very much look forward to hearing of your future endeavours!

Mr Paxton and Mrs Turner


Summer 1 2022 

Before I begin the class blog, I would just like to thank all of those parents and carers that supported your children to complete this Year’s KS2 SATs. Whether it was ensuring that your children arrived on time for the Tuesday morning maths boosters, or completing additional SATs homework. Your support is very much appreciated and I can say that the children were well prepared and completed the SATs to the best of their ability. Well done to each and every one of you!

After completing the SATs preparation, practise and tests, the children have enjoyed learning about ratio in maths. They have learnt to calculate ratio and then use calculations to solve word problems. Some children even recognised where ratio had a practical application in the real world!

In English we have been focussing on the children’s writing. They learnt about the Flannan Island mystery, where three lighthouse keepers mysteriously disappeared during a storm, and then planned, wrote and edited a newspaper article. They really enjoyed using their creativity and imagination when writing their newspaper article!

In geography we have been learning about tourism and the impact on the local area. The children have thought carefully about the impact of tourism on Swanage and concluded that they think it is beneficial. They also created an interesting tourist guide for Swanage and had an informative visit from the RNLI.

Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger? Qu’est-ce que tu manges? Cultural awareness of food and drink in different parts of France has been interwoven with language-learning in French this half term. We have learnt how to use the different ‘building blocks’ to build a variety of sentences, improving our grammatical knowledge at the same time. In French, we have to use the word for ‘the’ with the opinion words and the word for ‘some’ when we say what we eat and drink – it's all about patterns and remembering to use our notes to help us! We have enjoyed some songs too – ‘Je suis une pizza’ is a very catchy tune and helped us recognise the different words for ‘some’ in French!


In P.S.H.E, this half term’s puzzle piece has helped us look at different aspects of relationships – relationships with ourselves and with others. We do come across some challenging topics in our lessons and I am always impressed by the level of maturity and thoughtful comments that are made by the children.

As the children look forward to the final half-term at St George’s, for many it will be a time of reflection on their journey so far. They can also look forward to all the wonderful activities that next term brings such as the visit to Brenscombe and the end of year leaver’s worship. One thing we can promise - it will be interesting!



Spring 2 2022 

Another wonderful Spring term for Sycamore Class with lots of fabulous learning! The highlight was a geography field trip to Leeson House where the children got to practice their orienteering and map reading skills. A fabulous day was had by all! 


In P.S.H.E. this half term, our puzzle piece has been ‘Healthy Me’, but we also continued with our ‘Dreams and Goals’ topic, which culminated in a most wonderful display of teamwork, as the children led the fundraising activities for Red Nose Day.  When things didn’t quite go to plan, we saw resilience and we were very proud of the children and their achievements!  

‘Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans ta ville?’  What is there in your town?  We have been learning about places in the town in French, building sentences and recycling language.  Our final lesson saw the children write about their ‘ville idéale’ and it was ‘fantastique’ to see some super, independent writing in French. 

With the weather improving this term, we took the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom as much as possible and it was wonderful conducting reading lessons in our shirts in March! The children wrote amazing narrative stories based on ‘All the Things that Could Go Wrong’ by Stewart Foster. It was wonderful watching the children hone their editing skills to improve their work. 

 In DT, the children designed and made a clay tile based on Islamic designs learnt in the Autumn term. The children spent so much time and effort to complete these tiles and they look absolutely fabulous.  

With only one term remaining, but with so much to look forward to, it seems strange reflecting on the interesting journey that the current Year 6 has had. They have worked so hard to make really good progress in all areas of the curriculum and it seems strange, that having taught them since Year 1, they will be moving onto Secondary school and the next stage of their learning. Well done Sycamore Class – keep up the fantastic work! 


Spring 1 2022 

What a fantastic Spring 1 term! As we head towards warmer days, it was so lovely to conduct our Properties of Materials science experiment outdoors in the sunshine. The children thoroughly enjoyed separating different materials using sieves, filters and magnets. It was a real challenge but they completed their experiments well and used their scientific skills to the full.


We have been learning to use dialogue in narrative texts and the class wrote fantastic stories based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare. They learnt how to add cohesion both within and across paragraphs. Lots of creative language was used and it was a joy to read them!

In History, the children have been researching the Golden Age of Islam. They have been learning about Islamic scholars, historians, astronomers, philosophers and artists. The geometric patterns they produced for art were fantastic and I am very much looking forward to seeing their finished Islamic tiles. The children had a surprise visit from Miss Cotton dressed in a traditional Arabic dress. She talked about what it was like living in an Islamic country, the culture and everyday life. The children thoroughly enjoyed this visit and learnt so very much.


Well done Sycamore, another fantastic half-term and there is still so very much to look forward to!


Mr Paxton and Mrs Turner

Sycamore Class teachers