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This half-term has been fantastic; I have really enjoyed teaching Sycamore and have felt truly welcomed into the St George’s family. The children seem very happy to finally be back to normal, enjoying playtimes and assemblies as a whole school.

This term, Sycamore Class have certainly enjoyed learning about WW2 and life during the war in Britain.  They enjoyed a very informative trip to Bovington Tank Museum where they were able to experience hands on living through the war. They sat in an Anderson shelter and visited a shop with ration cards. They had the opportunity to build a replica tank and learn about the home front, dressing up in different uniforms.  They also really enjoyed the ration bake off competition. There was a tremendous effort from all and both Ms Friend, Mrs Hardy and I enjoyed being the tasters!

All the children in Sycamore have started the year with a brilliant attitude towards learning, they are showing great growth mind-sets and are keen to take on more challenging work. They have recently completed their mock SATS and both Mr Paxton and I are really encouraged by the results.

I look forward to a fabulous year filled with exciting opportunities with 10 lovely children!


Best wishes

Mrs Turner

Sycamore Class Teacher