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2022 - 2023

Summer 1 2023

This half term has once again been full of lots of fun learning!  We ventured into the ‘Frozen Kingdom’, beginning this new topic with a focus on Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ expedition to Antarctica.  The children have been really inspired by this, which has been wonderful to see.  We have been reading Meredith Hoopers ‘Ice Trap’ story, which explains what happened to Shackleton and his crew.  We have then used this to help us write an explanation text based on the question ‘Why did the ‘Endurance’ not reach the South Pole and how was the crew rescued?’ Our Humanities work has had a Geography focus.  We found the work on latitude and longitude rather challenging and I was impressed with the children who went away and continued learning about this at home.  We used the atlases to help consolidate our general geographical awareness of the world and plotted the locations Shackleton used on his journey to Antarctica.

Some of the homework that was produced by the children about Shackleton’s expedition was excellent.  We had more powerpoint presentations than on previous occasions and this research helped support the children’s learning in class.  I was very impressed!

In Maths, we consolidated our learning on decimals and percentages, including equivalent amounts, before moving on to ‘Measurement’, which included finding the area and perimeter of 2D shapes.  We have also continued to have little quizzes on our times tables, to keep these fresh in our minds.  ‘A little and often’ is the best way, which is also the advice we give for using Doodle Learning.

‘What matters to Christians and Humanists?’ has been our key question in Religious Education this half term.  With half of our R.E. curriculum looking at different world faiths, it is also important that we introduce children to non-religious worldviews, as we learn more about the world, people, and their beliefs.  The children have been really engaged with the work on this key question.  They have found it quite fascinating that Humanist values are in fact, very similar to values of people with a religious worldview.  We have enjoyed some deep discussions and the children have all been encouraged to reflect on their own values and what really matters to them and why.

In P.S.H.E. this half term, our puzzle piece has been ‘Relationships’, where we have talked about the relationships we have with ourselves, our self-esteem, the relationships with others and in the online world. We have had the opportunity to reiterate important messages that the children will have heard before about e-safety.  Our most recent lesson was about screen time, and I hope that this is something the children will talk to you about at home.  As we have learnt about the effects of too much screen time, I hope the children will take more responsibility for how they manage their time out of the classroom, so they have a healthy balance.

Following the badminton sessions we all enjoyed at The Swanage School last half term, some of the children approached Mrs Legg about setting up a badminton club, which has since been taking place on Wednesday lunchtimes.  Well done to the children for being proactive in organising this, and thank you to Mrs Legg! 

We loved ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ on 18th May!  The weather was kind and it was so lovely to see the children work well together.  As I watched them learn and play, I was very proud of how far their social skills have developed and these opportunities for learning differently are very important.  After putting their mathematical skills to practice, with measuring the area and perimeter of bigger shapes on the field, the children were then tasked with creating a play area for our loveable Marie-Françoise.  Their enthusiasm was incredible!  Our performance poetry task revealed some very talented performers and was great fun. 

In Science this term, we have been looking at different parts of the body and the circulatory system.  The children really enjoyed finding their own pulse, working out their resting heart rate and looking at how exercise affects the heart rate.  

Pine Class Summer Term 1 2023


Spring 2 2023

This half term has seen a great deal of activity!  The highlight has to be our residential trip to Leeson House, where the children learnt to be more independent, whilst spending lots of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  The walk to Dancing Ledge was challenging, but beautiful.  We were treated to a clear sky for star gazing and saw Venus and different constellations of the stars.  It was a fun experience being out for orienteering in the dark too – the grounds of Leeson House are just perfect for this.  The children were very grateful to Mrs Legg for whisking up their hot chocolate after being out in the cold!  The fire-lighting, animal tracking and orienteering the following day provided fantastic learning experiences for the children.

We have had three sessions of Design Technology and P.E. at The Swanage School this half term too, which the children have loved.  They have been incredibly enthusiastic on the badminton courts and have designed and made their own sea creature, showing off excellent sewing skills.  We are grateful to our local secondary school for providing these workshops for our children.

In Maths, we have further consolidated our learning on fractions and are building on this, as we work on decimals and percentages.  Our Doodle Learning programme really helps reinforce key mathematical skills, including times tables.

The children have enjoyed learning facts about Shakespeare and reading ‘Macbeth’.  We have used the BBC animated version of the play alongside the children’s book, and this has really captured the imagination of the children.  They have written pieces from the point of view of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and will now complete a newspaper report, following the tragic events of the death of King Duncan.

‘What did Jesus do to save human beings?’ has been our key question for our Christianity unit of work.  Where does this fit in with the ‘big story’ of the Bible?  What happened during Holy Week and who was responsible for Jesus’ death?  What is the connection between Jesus and Holy Communion?  How far is the idea of sacrifice good and necessary for the world today?  Religious Education should encourage philosophical reflection and we have had many opportunities for this here.

In P.S.H.E., our puzzle piece has been ‘Healthy Me’, where we have talked about what might constitute a healthy lifestyle.  We looked at the effects of smoking and alcohol on the body.  We discussed body image and looked at different food adverts and the role they play in the choices we make about what we eat.  The children always impress me with their mature attitude in these lessons, as we help guide them to make the right choices in life.

Our topic work has centred around the English Civil War and we have studied the causes of the war and learnt more about King Charles 1, the Cavaliers and the Roundheads.  In DT, the children have made a template of a soldier and will be using this to work on printing skills.

In P.E. the children have been outside as much as possible, focusing on team-building and leading a team in different outdoor sports. 

The ‘Creature Teachers’ workshop was enjoyed by all and the children in Pine absolutely loved seeing the different animals and having the opportunity to get quite close to them!  Some children overcame genuine fears too – well done!

Pine Class Spring Term 2 2023



Spring 1 2023

This seems to have been a very busy half term, where the children have once again tried very hard with their learning and have been an absolute joy to work with!

In Maths, we continued our learning on Fractions – we were adding, subtracting, ordering, comparing and using improper fractions and mixed numbers!  Competence with times tables continues to be vital for our work in Maths, not least with the long multiplication and short division tasks we have been completing over the last few weeks.  Well done to all the children, who are really trying their best with embedding their times tables knowledge.  We were very grateful to students from The Swanage School, who helped us with our work on problem solving, as this can be very challenging.

‘Room 13’ has been a big hit in Pine Class!  We have not quite finished reading the story of Fliss and her school trip to Whitby, but we definitely need to know what is lurking behind the mysterious door… In our English lessons, we have had a spelling focus on words with silent letters, homophones and double consonants.  Our writing journey has allowed us to build up our use of descriptive language to a finished product of a nightmare narrative! 

We have enjoyed improving our knowledge and understanding about Judaism in R.E.   Our key question of ‘How special is the Torah to Jewish people?’ has enabled the children to compare the Jewish holy texts with the Christian Old Testament and to build on their knowledge of Moses and the Ten Commandments.  As always, I have been impressed with the deeper level of thinking from some of the children, who have wonderful, inquisitive minds.  Our learning journey culminated in our ‘Living Judaism’ workshop.

We enjoyed a morning at Leeson House, which helped us with our Geography work.  The children worked enthusiastically on the sessions in orienteering and compass skills and using their scientific knowledge to identify different rocks.  In addition, we were delighted to be invited for some team-building activities earlier in the half term.

In P.S.H.E. this half term, our puzzle piece has been ‘Dreams and Goals’, where we have talked about the many opportunities available in our society, thinking about what they want from a job and how important money is to them.  We also reflected on the experiences of children in different parts of the world.   

In French, we have looked at the art work ‘La Plage’ by Edgar Dégas and focused on our sentence building.  We have started to look more closely at verbs and will continue with this for the remainder of Year 5.

The children in Pine Class have enjoyed Forest School this half term, and were able to explore firstly using their imaginations, and then concentrate on building their structures. They displayed imagination, creativity and ingenuity in building fairy gardens, ballet studios, and dens complete with shelves, fire places, chairs and tables. There were some wonderful examples of team work, as well as sharing of resources and experiences. The children enjoyed learning about the safe use of tools, as well as thinking about the sustainability of the woods in which they were exploring. 

The children have enjoyed creating self-portraits this half term in Art. They particularly enjoyed learning about Frida Kahlo, using digital photography and mirrors to create their own self-portraits, as well as, finally, putting themselves in the landscape inspired by the art of Kurt Jackson. 

Pine Class Spring Term 1 2023


Autumn 2 2022 

This half term seems to have flown by and we have enjoyed some very productive learning, as well as some fun along the way! 

In Mathematics, our focus has been ‘Number’, namely:  common multiples, factors, common factors, prime numbers, square numbers, cube numbers and multiplication and division by powers of 10.  We have recently started our work on fractions, which will continue after Christmas.  The instant recall of times tables facts is imperative to our work, so please keep practising!   

We enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Family under the Bridge’ in the first part of the half term and learned some new, interesting vocabulary, continuing to work on our DERIC skills.  We then began to read shorter pieces of writing in different genres to allow for greater variety.  We particularly enjoyed reading different newspaper articles. 

Poetry has been our focus in writing.  We studied the Haiku form, creating our own work on the theme of ‘Winter’, followed by longer poetry using figurative language.  As always, our writing is a journey, where we have a particular spelling or grammar focus, then build on this, with a longer piece of writing as our outcome. 

In R.E. we were challenged with another question from ‘Understanding Christianity’:  Incarnation – ‘Was Jesus the Messiah?‘  We reflected upon the meaning of the word ‘Messiah’,  then looked at evidence from the Old Testament, whilst considering the historical context of the time with the Jewish people looking for freedom and the ‘New Hope’ that God would rescue them.  We became investigative journalists for a lesson, using Bible texts to search for evidence of Jesus being the ‘Messiah’.  Our learning then moved on to look at the ‘big story’ of the Bible and how the Christian belief in Jesus as the Messiah affects how they celebrate Christmas.  One of our favourite lessons was the role play, acting out a conversation at Christmas in a Christian and non-Christian household.  There was some outstanding acting work! 

Geography has been the focus of our topic work, with map skills being at the heart of this.  We looked at how to read four and six figure grid references and compared the Paris Métro map with the London Underground – all very practical skills!  We also discussed the new housing in Langton Matravers and analysed the different points of view during a debate.  The conclusions we came to enabled us to design our own housing development for the village! 

n Science, we have been learning about electricity and exploring conductors and insulators using a range of different circuits. We have also been developing our technical writing skills by writing up experiments in detail.  

In P.S.H.E. this half term, our puzzle piece has been ‘Celebrating Differences’, where we have talked about different cultures, racism and different types of bullying.    

In French, the children have been introduced to the phenomena that is ‘Le Petit Prince’.  We have used different skills to focus on understanding the language, as we have read and listened to longer pieces of French.   

In Art, we have produced some outstanding work, using shading in pencil and watercolours.  We have enjoyed looking at the work of Claude Monet and used this as inspiration for our own artwork. 

I would like to add a huge WELL DONE to the children for their outstanding efforts with the home learning projects.  There was real variety, from models of Parisian landmarks, to artwork and creative work on Minecraft!  We have talked about the many skills the children gain whilst completing these tasks, from becoming more independent, resilient learners, to the confidence they gain when presenting to their peers.  I was very proud of the way the children presented their work in class and then answered any questions that were asked. 

Well done to you all – in Pine, we certainly shine! 

Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


Autumn 1 2022

What a fantastic start to the new academic year! The children have adapted to the changes in routines and expectations in UKS2 so well and our classroom has been a real hive of activity!

In Mathematics, we have focused on Place Value and more recently, Addition and Subtraction. We have rounded, estimated and compared numbers up to 1,000,000. We have built on our knowledge of Roman Numerals, where we have worked with bigger numbers. We have revised previous learning with exchanging whilst adding and subtracting, but with numbers up to 5 digits. More recently, we looked at the RUCSAC method for solving word problems.

We have very much enjoyed reading the book ‘Cosmic’, by Frank Cottrell Boyce. It is safe to say, we have found this book very amusing and we have liked the informal style of writing, which the author uses. We have used this text to build on our DERIC skills (decode, explain, retrieve, interpret & choice). We have met new vocabulary along the way and addressed some interesting issues, as Liam may not always have made the right choices…At the moment, we are not sure how, or if, Liam will even return home to Earth…

Our writing has been based on our topic of ‘Space’ and we were all very excited to write letters to Tim Peake, which would not have come about, if our friend Marie-Françoise the duck had not been quite so desperate to voyage into space! Our persuasive letters showed we could write using formal English and use persuasive language. Watch this space for a response…

In R.E. we were challenged with the question ‘Creation and Science – conflicting or complementary?’ In our first ‘Understanding Christianity’ unit of Year 5, we discussed the ‘big story’ of the Bible. Our text focus has been Genesis 1 and we have pondered how Christians view this. Do they take it literally, or more poetically? Where do Christians stand with the ‘Big Bang’? We listened to interviews with different scientists, who are also Christians and were interested to hear their views and that they do believe that religion and science have a place together. We had time for our own, personal reflection and overall, the view of the children was that actually, there are questions in life that require answers from both science and religion and they are complementary.

Our Science and topic work has explored space in great detail.  It has allowed us to look at the history of astronomy with studies of Copernicus, Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton.

In P.S.H.E. this half term, our puzzle piece has been ‘Being Me’, where we have reflected upon the UN Rights of the Child and how this affects us. With rights come responsibilities and we have talked about the impact of our behaviour on others and how rewards and consequences affect us.

In French, our work on ‘Les Planètes’ has culminated in the design of a new planet, which the children have described in French. We are learning to use sentence builders correctly when communicating in longer sentences, as we aim for greater grammatical accuracy.

In Music, we have enjoyed thinking about how music makes us feel. The children particularly enjoyed the song Ghost Parade. We also used music to think about rewriting our school rules, and enjoyed practising our Harvest Festival performance.

In Design Technology, we have been using frames to provide the stability and form for our planets, as part of our Space topic work.



2021 - 2022

Summer 2 2022

What a busy year we have had in Pine!  It has been an absolute pleasure working with the children and seeing them develop both academically and emotionally and grow in their confidence in their own abilities. This last half term has seen them work on the following:


We have enjoyed some fun practical, ‘hands on’ lessons about angles this term, with a focus on the language of angles including obtuse, acute and right-angle.  We have also spent time developing skills in using protractors to produce accurate drawings of angles and lengths.


We have been reading the classic novel, Gulliver’s Travels in reading lessons.  Once again we have focused on the different types of questions such as inference and retrieval with the children further developing the skills and confidence.  Gulliver’s Travels has been a challenging novel to read as there are many unfamiliar words within the text, but this has given the children many opportunities to develop their vocabulary and enabled excellent opportunities to practise using a dictionary.     



We combined our learning in R.E. with our learning objective in English to write an information text.  We looked at the key question based on the Hindu faith – ‘How can Brahman be everywhere and in everything?’ In our R.E. lessons, we looked at how we are different things to different people and the Hindu belief in the one God, Brahman, who is represented in many different forms.  The children then completed some independent research and wrote an information text, using features such as sub-headings, colons and bullet points. 

We have concluded our learning in R.E. with a piece of work for the ‘Spirited Arts’ competition, based on our key question.  It is always amazing seeing the children express their thoughts through art and they have definitely shown more spirituality this year.

Our last major writing piece has been a précis, or a summary of a longer text.  We used a text about litter and highlighted the main points, which we then used to write our précis independently.  Our discussions and written work about littering and the effects on the local environment in particular, led into preparations for painting Bessie and Gertrude, the wooden cows that are used by the Love Langton Litter group.  Do have a wander up onto the Priest’s Way this summer and admire the children’s work, where we hope the message of ‘leaving nothing but paw prints’ will encourage dog owners to take their dog dirt home with them and ‘keep our fields green and clean’ will encourage all people to take any litter home with them.  This project always encourages great teamwork – well done Team Pine!


In Science, the children have been learning all about materials this term.  We have discussed the reasons why certain materials are suitable for specific purposes and what properties make them suitable.  We have also been able to do a selection of experiments in class including testing different materials properties such as their hardness or flexibility, and then thinking about those properties they possess and possible uses for them in everyday life.

There has also been some great work going on with in our foundation subjects:

In P.S.H.E. this half term, our puzzle piece has been ‘Changing Me’, where the children have acted in a mature and responsible way, as we have looked at what happens during puberty and into adulthood.

Our French lessons have allowed us to explore the delights of culinary France!  We have learnt lots of new vocabulary for different foods and drinks and learnt the simple language needed to order food in a café.  The children will be able to consolidate this learning in our lessons next year. 

In Humanities, the children have been learning all about democracy and how parliament is run.  They have also learnt about the structure and role of parliament in our society, and gave a great deal of consideration to what policies they would make if they were trying to get elected into Government.  The children also had the opportunity to meet our local politician, Richard Drax, and ask him questions. 

In music lessons, the children have been focusing on the genre of Soul this term, listening to and appraising many of the classic Motown hits.  Lessons have also included opportunities for playing their own instruments such as the recorder or using the glockenspiel app on the ipads to create their own compositions and improvisations.


The children enjoyed a very successful Sports Day, with them all showing great sportsmanship and support for their team mates, with a fantastic fun day had by all.

Have a fantastic summer break!



Summer 1 2022

It’s been a short, but incredibly busy half term! We are pleased with the progress being made by the children, both academically and general maturity. A highlight this half term was the trip to The Lighthouse in Poole, watching the BSO perform a number of original compositions, including ‘I can’t get to sleep’, which the children took part in.

Reading – We were able to finish our reading of the fiction book ‘Room 13’ this half term. The children really enjoyed this spooky adventure story, and have been able to develop all there reading skills through class discussions and written work. The skills the children have been developing have been retrieval of information from the text, interpreting the feelings and actions of the characters in the book, thinking about the choices of language used in the text and explain the meaning of unfamiliar language used in the text. The children have also had the opportunity this term to read and analyse the classic poem, ‘daffodils’ by William Wordsworth. We have achieved this through written work and class discussions.

Maths – The focus in maths this half term has been decimals, percentages and fractions. This block of work has included comparing decimals, understanding percentages as decimals and fractions and finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. The children have also been learning about decimals including both the addition and subtraction of them, understanding tenths, hundredths and thousands. To support the children in their learning and understanding they have used a selection of manipulatives in lessons such as place value counters, place value grids and dienes.

Science – Many of the science lessons this half term have been noisy, active and fun as the children have been learning all about sound. They have had the opportunity to undertake a number of lively experiments to understand how sound is created and travels. This has included learning about vibrations, how sound travels through a medium to the ear and how different musical instruments can create a different pitch and the relationship of that pitch to the vibrations the musical instrument makes.

RE – Our key question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ has enabled us to study some texts from the Gospels, as we have built on our learning from last year, to understand more about how the key question influences Christians in their lives. We identified many key values Jesus showed in the Gospels: love, generosity, compassion and justice. We read some words from Mother Theresa, an inspirational Christian, who devoted her life to helping others, looked at different types of prayers, questioning the reasons why Christians might say these, as they try to follow Jesus. In our final lesson, we reflected on a variety of moral dilemmas and wondered what Jesus might do and also, what we would do.


We have worked particularly hard to improve the level of accuracy in our written work, continuing to ‘edit and evaluate’. We have enjoyed a new feature – WOTD! ‘Words of the Day’ have included:

optimistic, enhance, radiate and iridescent. We are becoming more competent with our grammatical understanding, which in turn, is helping us to improve the level of our independent writing. After writing a final story, we turned our attention to different types of poetry, which we analysed, before putting pen to paper ourselves! Great work!


Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger? Qu’est-ce que tu manges? Cultural awareness of food and drink in different parts of France has been interwoven with language-learning this half term. We have learnt how to use the different ‘building blocks’ to build a variety of sentences, improving our grammatical knowledge at the same time. In French, we have to use the word for ‘the’ with the opinion words and the word for ‘some’ when we say what we eat and drink – it's all about patterns and remembering to use our notes to help us! We have enjoyed some songs too – ‘Je suis une pizza’ is a very catchy tune and helped us recognise the different words for ‘some’ in French!


This half term’s puzzle piece has helped us look at different aspects of relationships – relationships with ourselves and with others. We do come across some challenging topics in our lessons and I am always impressed by the level of maturity and thoughtful comments that are made by the children



Spring 2 2022

The children have all been working very hard again this half term and we have been impressed with their mature attitude.

This half term in Maths lessons, the children have been learning all about fractions. This has included learning about equivalent and improper fractions and comparing and ordering fractions. The children have also been learning how to add, subtract and multiply fractions using various strategies including understanding everyday word problems.

In writing, we have focused on narrative writing, working on the planning of a story set in Whitby, the setting for our class reader, ‘Room 13’. We have learned to use more descriptive, figurative vocabulary and techniques to help capture the reader’s attention. Many of our targets are ongoing, including how to use dialogue effectively to help the reader understand more about characters and to advance the action in our stories. It was so pleasing to see the children include examples of our learning in their assessment piece. Here is an impressive excerpt from Mia’s opening paragraph: ‘The gloomy trees swayed, whispering to one another. Alice walked on, her feet stepping into the crunchy mud, her cloak waving in the wind. As she walked further into the depths of the forest, she came to an old, ancient castle, an earthy scent filling the air. The sun faded, leaving the moon, a glistening pearl in the night sky…’

The class have been enjoying reading the book ‘Room 13’ in all our reading lessons. Room 13 is an exciting children’s fictional story full of suspense, mystery and adventure. The children have been developing their comprehension skills in the areas of retrieving information, interpreting characters’ feelings and responses to situations and thinking about the language used in the book through developing a greater understanding of the meaning of words and the context in which they are used.

In R.E. we have been reflecting on the story of the Birmingham Qur’an and how important the Qur’an is to Muslims. Is it the paper that is sacred, or the meaning of the words? Should all Birmingham people be proud of the Birmingham Qur’an? Are the pages precious because of history or theology? As always, we enjoy stimulating discussions about religion and beliefs, always looking to justify what we are saying, drawing on previous learning.

In P.S.H.E. this half term, our puzzle piece has been ‘Healthy Me’, but we also continued with our ‘Dreams and Goals’ topic, which culminated in a most wonderful display of teamwork, as the children led the fundraising activities for Red Nose Day. When things didn’t quite go to plan, we saw resilience and we were very proud of the children and their achievements!

‘Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans ta ville?’ What is there in your town? We have been learning about places in the town in French, building sentences and recycling language. Our final lesson saw the children write about their ‘ville idéale’ and it was ‘fantastique’ to see some super, independent writing in French.

In Music lessons the children have been studying the musical themes of Pop Ballads old and new and Hip Hop and Rap music. Lessons have included many opportunities to listen to and appraise a large collection of songs, learn and sing different songs, learning to play the glockenspiel using the ipads and developing their understanding of the musical pulse of a song through dancing games and activities.

In Geography, the children enjoyed a trip to Leeson House, developing their orienteering skills, learning how to use a compass and how to use six figure grid references. We hope they will have the opportunity to show you some of these skills if you go walking in the Easter holidays!


The children have continued using map skills in P.E. as well as practising different team games.

Thank you for your support with homework. We hope that the children are becoming more independent and organised as we move towards the end of Year 5.

We’d like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Easter.


Spring 1 2022


The children have all been working very hard again this busy half term.

The main focus in Math lessons this half term has been understanding and learning both multiplication and division formal written methods, which has included using them to solve everyday word problems.  The children have also learnt about finding the perimeter and area.

In Reading the children have been further developing their comprehension skills, with a focus on the skills of explaining, retrieving and interpreting the text and giving reasons for the choices that the author has made.  The texts they have been reading were Macbeth and The Highwayman poem. 

In Writing, we have used ‘Macbeth’ as a stimulus for different genres of writing.  We put ourselves in the shoes of Macbeth to write a letter, Lady Macbeth for a diary entry and our final piece is a newspaper report.  We are aiming to become more independent learners, using different resources to help us and to edit and evaluate the language and punctuation we are using.

Our learning in R.E. has focused on the question ‘What does it mean if God is loving and holy?’ This has led to some interesting discussions, with the children being encouraged to ask questions, as this is such an important part of the learning process.  We enjoyed our lesson in St. George’s Church and are grateful to Rev. James for his help with our ‘big question’.   Mrs Goodwin was very impressed with some of the comments and observations made by the children during our trip.

In French, we have been working on our geographical awareness of France and the language focus has been on the weather.  We should now be able to tell you where major cities and mountain ranges are located and what the weather is like at different times of the year!

Our work in P.S.H.E. on ‘Dreams and Goals’ has culminated in plans for some fundraising activities for Red Nose Day.  Working together for the benefit of others has been our main drive here.  There are some exciting activities planned by the children in Year 5 and Year 6 – more details to follow in March!

In Science lessons, the children have been learning about the life cycles of humans, animals and plants.  They have also been thinking about the similarities and differences between the lifecycles of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles.

In Art, the children have produced some incredible work this term.  They have studied the art of Islam, including geometric patterns, resulting in their own geometric art work.  They have also studied the art work of influential artists famous for producing pattern art which has inspired them to create their own original pieces and develop their own style of artistic creativity.