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This half-term has been incredibly exciting. We were overjoyed to finally be back enjoying playtimes and assemblies as a whole school. New play equipment was ordered for the children to enjoy at playtimes and it has been wonderful to see the whole school enjoying these and being physically active.

This term, Maple Class pupils have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the life of a child in Victorian times. They were able to recognise the differences between life then and now, and how incredibly difficult and hard life was for a child in the Victorian era. To properly experience this, the class took a trip to Scaplen’s Court in Poole. The whole class was asked to dress up as a Victorian, including the adults, to really get into character. The day started in the kitchen with a very strict cook who ordered the children to make pancakes, scones, bread and soup. The children took their roles very seriously and made some delicious food for the class to enjoy… this also meant that they had to use Victorian methods to clean up after themselves. They had to shave the soap in order to wash the pots and scrub the tables and floors. After Lunch, in the Victorian Hall, the children then went to a Victorian School. They completed the ‘3 R’s’- Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The teacher was very strict and examined the children’s hands before entry, which they had to pay a ha’penny to attend. Unfortunately Mrs Legg didn’t perform well when writing the alphabet and got a very stern telling off!  Take a look at our amazing trip photos in the Galleries section of our website!

During PE, the class has been split into two groups. The Year 3s have enjoyed taking part in Dance and the Year 4s in Outdoor and Adventure lessons. The Year 4s have experienced using a map, orienteering, compass skills and teamwork and communication activities. The weather has been kind so they have managed to enjoy lots of outdoor learning.

The school also took part in a National Fitness Day. We all enjoyed taking part in lots of physical activity on the field.

Maple Class performed brilliantly at the recent Harvest Festival service. It was wonderful to be able to come together as a school and sing together again. The children really did themselves proud singing their class song and reading out their prayers.

Best wishes,

Mrs Legg
Maple Class Teacher




Maple Class Visit to Scaplen's Court