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This half term has been busy settling in to their new classroom, routines and lots of new faces. Lots of their learning across the curriculum has been linked to their topic ‘The World That Time Forgot’ They have been able to design and create their own dinosaurs in Art with Mr Girling, using clay and paint to bring their creations to life.

They have thoroughly enjoyed their Computer Science lessons with Mr Paxton, getting to develop their skills on the iPads. In history they have been researching life in the Stone Age and created their own versions of cave art. Enabling people of the future to get a glimpse of life in 2021.

In Design Technology, the children have been taking inspiration from architect's design of buildings throughout history, in order to design their own dream homes. They have also gone back in time to discover what the very first homes looked like in the Stone Age and have researched other fascinating Stone Age buildings, such as Stonehenge and have create their own models using clay. Also in Literacy the children have busy creating fun fact sheets to help us learn more about their dinosaur creation.

In RE, the children have also looked at structure, this time within the rules of the 5 pillars of Islam. They have taken part in even more construction and this time they made their own models of the 5 pillars and thought about what each one represents.

The children enjoyed taking part in our Harvest Service in the church. They performed their own poetry they had created together, inspired by Autumn and all that we celebrate in this season. They worked together in groups exploring our environment for inspiration. Their poems were so fantastic I have included them all below.

Thank you for a fantastic first half term Beech, looking forward to Autumn 2 and all the wintery fun it will bring!