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Acorns have made a fantastic start to their first year at St George’s Primary School. They have settled in beautifully and now come into school and get ready to learn in record time. We have concentrated this half term on getting to know one another, playing lots of name games, we have talked about our families and our homes which is all part of our ‘Marvellous Me in My World’ topic.

The children have enjoyed sharing their stories about their different homes and families. In literacy, we have concentrated on phase 1 phonics, listening to the sounds around us and thinking about what sounds we can make with our bodies by clapping and stamping, and now we are well underway with our phase 2 phonic sounds.

In Maths the children have enjoyed counting songs, Numberblocks, using blocks, counters, animals and Numicon to explore numbers, and counting to ten.



We have made the most of outside, playing phonic games in the playground, exploring our Early Years Garden (the sandpit has been very popular!) and hunting for Autumn leaves while talking about the seasons. In RE we have talked about all of the marvels of creation, and all the wonderful things in the world around us, and we have sat quietly in the spiritual garden thinking about things we are thankful for.

The children have also enjoyed putting together a display board in the corridor about colours which looks fantastic. We have enjoyed talking about Harvest time, and we have spoken about healthy fruits and vegetables, as well as listening to Harvest songs. The highlight of this term, as well as getting to know these wonderful children, has been our Harvest Festival. The children learnt a celebration Harvest song, and performed it with super actions, in the Church for the rest of the school to see. They saved their best performance until the day and I was extremely proud of every single one of them.

Well done Acorns, I know we are all looking forward to next half term.

Best wishes,

Mrs Hollard
















Mrs Lewis and Miss Cotton