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In the Spring Term, we enjoyed studying lots of different things associated with nature.

Acorns class had a fascinating visit from the RSPB, and children were given information about birds and how to care for and feed them. We had a talk in the classroom and then we put on our wellies, paired up and were given a clipboard with a sheet of birds to identify and tick off when seen and a pair of binoculars each so that we could spot them. We ventured across to the nature walk by the allotments. Lots of birds were seen and heard. We had a fantastic time and learned lots. Some of us even collected moss to take home ready for the birds to make their nests!

We also had a visit from Lock Brood to learn all about bees and what flowers they like. We found out the plants in our garden at home that provide them with lots of pollen to make honey. Some of us tried on the bee keeper's hat, which was fun! We also had a taste of the honey that the bees made and thought it was very tasty.











Monkey World came in to talk to us about orangutans and how they are endangered in the wild. We held out a length of fire hose to show the length of the arm span of an adult orangutan. After the visit, we had great fun with a partner designing an enclosure for orangutans containing all the things they need to stay healthy and happy.


To tie in with our nature-themed activities, Year 1 children wrote a poem in the shape of an animal. We have also been looking at different animals and what they eat and whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. It was interesting to see how many different things animals eat!

We also drew sunflower pictures in the style of Vincent van Gogh, who was a famous Dutch artist. We looked carefully at the colour of the petals and leaves and blended colours to get the correct shade needed.

Lots of trips and fun activities also happened this term. There was a combined trip with Acorn and Beech class to the Sealife Centre in Weymouth, plus a whole school day out with a fun, hands-on experience at Science Winchester Centre and Planetarium. Not forgetting the daily 'wake and shake' to keep fit and active, as well as celebrating World Book Day. Busy, busy!

Sadly, the usual Easter Service at St. George's Church was missed due to the school closure, but the children produced some lovely creative work at school.

We hope that you are all keeping up with your home learning and look forward to seeing you all as soon as we possibly can. 

Mrs Lewis and Miss Cotton