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Welcome to Maple Class.  Our teacher is Mr Paxton and our teaching assistant in class is Mrs Wey.

What an Autumn Term!  The children have been super busy and really enjoyed their learning. We have all been learning about the Sun and going into the playground to measure our shadows and how they change throughout the day. Also in maths we have learnt all about measuring in metres and have used trundle wheels to measure the perimeter of the playground. Once they had done this the children really enjoyed using the trundle wheels to measure distances in school.

The writing this year has been absolutely amazing and the children really enjoyed reading adventure stories and then planning and writing their own. What fabulous ideas they all came up with! We all cannot wait to start again in January to learn all about forces and make cranes in Design and Technology. Maths is also exciting as we will be learning how to tell the time and calculate fractions.

From all the children and staff of Maple we wish you all a very Happy Christmas!